The Upside of Sipping through a Straw

by Noelle Reinhold 1/14/2016 10:04 AM

Straws come in all kinds of shapes, sizes, colors and materials. They make it fun, and a whole lot easier, to consume some of our most beloved beverages. However, did you know that sipping through a straw can also benefit your smile?

  • When you sip sugary and acidic beverages through a straw, it limits the amount of exposure between your teeth and what you’re drinking. This lessens the chance of sugar, acid and bacteria sticking to your teeth and contributing to the formation of cavities. When drinking coffee, tea and dark sodas, it also protects against staining.
  • If you suffer from tooth sensitivity, a straw can be a real life saver. Straws direct the flow of hot and cold beverages to the back of your mouth, helping liquids bypass your teeth and reducing the sharp twinges associated with sensitive teeth.
  • Another upside for your consideration comes down to cleanliness. When you are drinking out of a straw you are less likely to make a mess. Plus, at restaurants and fast food establishments, the exterior portion of a cup (including the rim) is handled by numerous people. By using an individually wrapped straw, you eliminate the need to put your mouth in direct contact with the cup and reduce the probability of exposing yourself to unwanted germs.

So go ahead, grab a straw!

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