5 Grinworthy Gifts to Give Dentists

by Noelle Reinhold 12/1/2015 8:00 AM

Whether you have a special dentist in your life or are just looking to show some appreciation to those that make your smile bright, here are 5 gifts to give your dentist or dental hygienist this holiday season:

1. Ornament

Make the holidays a little brighter with this DIY Scrabble ornament. After the holidays are over, your dentist can hang the ornament in the office.

2. Pencil Holder

The front desk always features dental tchotchkes, and we think you can never have enough! This molar pencil holder makes a conversation starter AND doubles as a planter!

3. Molar Mug 

This molar mug is sure to fill your dentist with joy… as well as with coffee, water, tea or whatever he or she drinks! Looking for another dental drinking vessel? We secretly love this dental diva wine glass!

4. Sweet Tooth

How sweet is this sweet tooth baking mold? Your dentist or dental hygienist will be a hit at the next office party!


5. Pens

Here’s the gift that keeps on giving! These dental pens can be handed out to kids and adults alike, spreading smiles to more than just the dental office staff!

Dental professionals do so much to help make our smiles bright and healthy. We hope these gift ideas inspire you to give the smile right back.


Happy Holidays!

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