Get Their Braces Off Faster: 3 Tips for Parents

by Jason 8/27/2015 7:00 AM


Imagine trying to speak correctly and continually getting your words twisted. That may be your teen’s reality. If you’re a parent to a child with braces, you’ve seen the struggles firsthand. Braces make it difficult to speak, eat and take care of teeth.

The daily dental routine for a braces-wearer requires patience and consistency. Even though proper care can be a pain, it’s crucial if kids want to get rid of their wires.

Here are 3 tips to help your teen or tween get those braces off – and as soon as possible:

1. Break bad habits.

Common reasons for loose or broken brackets include fingernail biting, chewing on pencils or pens and eating sticky snacks. Remember: the more kids damage their braces; the longer they have to wear them. Help your kid break bad oral habits for a healthier, happier smile. Try these techniques.

2. Eat soft and small.

Hard foods are tough on teeth and tend to get stuck between braces. Loose food particles can create bacteria and eventually turn into plaque. Hard foods aren’t completely off limits, however. Remind teens to cut or break them into bite-sized pieces and brush afterwards.

Stick to soft staples as much as possible. If crunchy snacks like crackers and apples are your kid’s go-to snacks, make hard favorites soft. Top a casserole with crumbled crackers or bake homemade apple bread. 

3. Don’t take shortcuts.

Remind your kid why dental care routines are crucial. Following the rules will lead toa brace-free smile is the future! Make sure he or she:

·      Keeps elastics on (except during meals and snacks).

·      Brushes and flosses thoroughly.

·      Doesn’tskip appointments – they will pay off in the long run!

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