Camp Like a Boss with These 5 Glamping Gadgets

by Jason 7/21/2015 7:00 AM

Camping and technology go together like cookies and milk. Actually – forget that – like cookies and something completely unrelated to cookies.

Many people think of camping as a way to escape our technology-obsessed world. While that’s true in some respects, savvy individuals are using technology to enhance their outdoor adventures. People are pulling out all the stops to make sleeping under the stars a 5-star experience. There’s even a term for it - “glamping.”

The dental world has come a long way, too. In fact, ancient civilizations used to brush their teeth with sticks. Talk about being one with nature! Fast forward to 2015 and there are hundreds of gizmos for your grin.

The great outdoors are calling your name! Before you pack up your portable charger and inflatable tent, check out these 5 glamping gadgets for your grin:


1. Travel Toothbrush Sanitizer



VIOlight / Via

This compact sanitizer uses UV light technology to kill germs on any brush. It also doubles as a toothbrush travel holder (toothbrush included).


2. Biodegradable Floss

RADIUS Organic Silk Floss / Via

Thanks to this 100% biodegradable floss, you won’t have to worry about where to put your used threads. Keep your gums happy and the campsite litter-free.


3. Disposable Snap Toothbrush


Snap on, snap off! This toothbrush is eco-friendly and easy to use. The handle is reusable and the brush heads snap on and off.


4. Hydration-Tracking Water Bottle


Water consumption is key to our oral and overall health. Camping often means hiking, and hiking requires physical exertion. Stay hydrated on the trail with this smart water bottle. The bottle tracks your hydration levels with a sensor and smartphone app. If you need to chug more H2O, your bottle will omit a glow.


5. 3 in 1 Brush, Paste and Case

Aurelle TOOB Brush/Via

Make the most of your limited space with this all-in-one essential. The barrel holds your toothpaste and brush in one tiny tube. Best of all, the refillable tube keeps your favorite toothpaste handy.


So why not dunk your camping cookie in an ice-cold glass of technology? It’ll do your smile some good. What are your favorite luxury gadgets? Share them in the comments section below. Happy glamping!

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