Make Flossing Fun for Kids

by Jason 5/19/2015 7:00 AM

Once a child has two teeth that touch, it’s important to begin flossing. This is where your creativity as a parent can help make daily dental care routines downright fun for your child.    

Help your little one host a PJ soirée: Invite a few kids from your neighborhood and end the evening with a special ceremony to honor and reward each child for doing a good job brushing and flossing. Kids will love being acknowledged for their efforts.    

Chart your child’s progress: Your little one will rise to the challenge when he or she knows something fun can be earned by completing a task. So, put up a colorful chart, and mark achievements with a special sticker after each successful flossing session. At the end of each week, reward your child with a desired experience, trinket or healthy, tooth-friendly treat.  

Visit Delta Dental’s Land of Smiles®: Gather in front of your computer and show your child our entertaining and educational Land of Smiles® video, which has a chapter dedicated to teaching children how to floss to keep PlaqueMan and cavities away!  

Follow us on Pinterest for more kid-themed dental health fun! How do you make flossing fun for your kids? Share your ideas in the comments section.

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