Using Your Coverage at the Dentist

by Jason 1/27/2015 8:00 AM

Do you have a dental visit scheduled for 2015? Kudos on planning ahead!

Maybe your coverage changed with the New Year, or maybe you’re seeing a new dentist. Either way, plan on arriving a little early so you can fill out the office’s paperwork and HIPAA forms.

If you have Delta Dental coverage, be sure to select a dentist who participates in the Delta Dental PPOSM Network or the Delta Dental Premier® Network. You and your covered family members will enjoy:

  • Lower Out-of-Pocket Costs: You will typically spend less out of your pocket when you receive services from a dentist in the Delta Dental PPOSM Network. Your plan will clearly state if the level of benefits available depends on your dentist participating in the Delta Dental PPOSM Network. You can easily find a dentist online for either the Delta Dental PPOSM Network or the Delta Dental Premier® Network.
  • Guaranteed No Balance Billing and No Claims to File: Dentists who are in either Delta Dental network will handle all claims – and agree that they will not charge you for amounts over Delta Dental’s fee allowances and accept payment from Delta Dental for covered services.
  • Easy Access to the Largest Network of Dentists Nationwide:
    • The Delta Dental Premier® Network has more than 145,000 dentists across the nation.
    • The Delta Dental PPOSM Network has more than 89,500 dentists nationwide.
  • Excellent Customer Care: You and your family will appreciate accessing convenient and responsive customer care with your Delta Dental coverage. 





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