Tailgating and Your Teeth

by Jason 8/28/2014 9:45 AM

Believe it or not, college football season kicked off on August 23rd – it's earliest start in 11 years! Whether you’re a fan of the Missouri Tigers or the South Carolina Gamecocks, all football fans love a good tailgating party. Your teeth, however, end up enduring all the unhealthy snacking and alcohol-swigging sessions. All it takes is a little precaution to ensure that you don’t compromise your oral health. Here are a few tips that will help you make the most of tailgating without putting your teeth at risk.

Steer clear of binge drinking! Drinking excessive amounts alcohol is often associated with tailgating, especially when your favorite team has that important game coming up. Well, do all you can and avoid it! Alcohol is detrimental to the teeth and poses great risks to oral health when consumed in large quantities. Alcohol decreases saliva production and causes dehydration, which can promote growth of bacteria. Drink responsibly, and your smile will thank you.

Hydrate by drinking lots of water. The advantages of drinking water are plenty, and your teeth and gums benefit greatly from this healthy habit. While at a tailgate event, make sure you have plenty of water handy and drink frequently to beat dehydration.

Your teeth aren’t tools! Your teeth are strong, but they can still be damaged! You may think opening those beer bottles with your teeth looks cool, but it puts you at immediate risk for many oral hazards. A freak accident could leave you with a serious injury. Apart from the risk of chipped enamel or even a cracked tooth, a beer opening session with your teeth could loosen them permanently.

Follow these tips while you root for your favorite football team this season, and your teeth are sure to be on the winning side.

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