Three Ways to Guarantee a Smile this Summer

by Jason 7/24/2014 8:00 AM

 It’s officially summer, and we think that’s something to smile about. If you need just a little more motivation to crack a smile, we’ve got you covered.

We've picked three activities you probably haven’t enjoyed since you were a kid, but ones we think you should give another try. It’s time to hang your business suit up and tap into your inner child…because heck, why not?!

1)      Play in the sprinklers.  Just remember how much fun you had running through the sprinklers as a child and go for it. If you’re feeling brave, you can set up a slip and slide and go crazy.

2)      Visit the outdoor pool. Outdoor pools are great because you can get a tan and play in the water. Why not visit your local outdoor pool and slide down some water slides, or start a game of Marco Polo with the neighborhood kids? You’ll leave the pool with a mega smile on your face! Be sure to apply sunscreen.

3)      Play a pick-up game of baseball or kickball.  Visit a local park on any summer weekend and you’re guaranteed to find loungers at the park soaking up the sun. Take some equipment and gather all those people to play a quick game. Set the winning score to 5 to keep the game short, sweet and super fun!

While this list is only a fraction of the fun you can have during the summer, all of these activities could result in a day to remember. Don’t let your adult side dim the light of the carefree child in you. Embrace it and enjoy summer just as much as you did as a child!

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