Smoking: A Surefire Way to Look Older

by Jason 2/18/2014 8:00 AM

It’s good news that smoking, which was once a cultural phenomenon across the U.S., is becoming less popular. Thanks to the continuous effort of activists and organizations, smoking rates have drastically dropped by 59%, compared to the mid-twentieth century.

However, it’s a sobering fact that 42 million Americans still smoke. 

And those who do will likely see the ill effects of smoking each time they look in a mirror.

Impact of smoking on health and beauty

It is a known fact that smoking causes many health hazards, which may prove fatal. But smoking kills our looks too! It helps in the early aging of an individual, which may result in mental distress and depression. In other words, SMOKING IS THE SECRET TO LOOKING OLDER!

Smoking affects our physical looks in many ways:

  • Stained teeth – Nicotine in cigarettes causes discoloring and staining of teeth.
  • Gum disease and oral cancer – Smoking puts you at greater risk for all kinds of dental problems, including oral cancer and gum disease.
  • Marks under the eyes – Smoking causes restlessness and lack of sleep that may cause bags under the eyes.
  • Cataracts – Continued smoking increases the risk of cataracts by 22%.
  • Psoriasis –The risk of getting this skin disorder is higher in people who smoke.
  • Wrinkles and aging – Studies reveal that a smoker looks 1.4 times older than a non-smoker of the same age.
  • Stretch marks – Nicotine causes skin to lose its elasticity, creating stretch marks.
  • Skin cancer – Cigarette smokers have twice the risk of developing squamous cell carcinoma than non-smokers.
  • Scarring – Blood flow to the parts of the body is limited by nicotine due to lack of oxygen, so wounds take more time to heal, leaving behind ugly scars.
  • Flabby stomach – Smokers have more visceral fat than nonsmokers, which can accumulate in your midsection.

Above all, smokers lose their natural glow and may look weak, aged and depressed. This is all due to the excess of carbon monoxide and nicotine in the blood that depletes oxygen, vitamin C and other nutrients from your body. 

Why should we deliberately cause our bodies to age? It’s time to quit this lethal habit, and work towards a better, brighter and longer life

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