Chinese Food and Your Teeth

by Jason 1/30/2014 8:00 AM

The Chinese New Year is around the corner, and as part of the celebrations, Chinese food will be the “flavor” of the season. But are these foods healthy for your teeth? Read on to see the impact of Chinese food on your oral health.

Chinese Foods That Are Good for Your Teeth


The traditional Chinese diet consists mainly of vegetarian food. Chinese use many vegetables in their main dishes, such as broccoli, spinach, cabbage, baby corn, spring onions, celery and bok choy. Most of these vegetables are rich in fiber, and they help in the scrubbing and cleansing of teeth and stimulate saliva flow. Leafy vegetables also contain minerals that are good for teeth. Hence, stir-fried veggies and vegetable soups should be an important part of the Chinese New Year menu.

Tofu or bean curd:

Rich in calcium, these help replace the minerals lost from your teeth.

Green tea:

This hot drink contains polyphenols, which help fight bacteria that cause plaque.

Peanut oil:

Traditional Chinese cooking is done using peanut oil. Peanut has high calcium content that helps keep your teeth and gums strong.

Egg, poultry, fish and beef are high in mineral content, and hence, may be used in smaller quantities to prepare your favorite Chinese dishes.

Chinese Foods That Are Not Good for Your Teeth

Use of sugar/honey:

Acids are your teeth’s worst enemies. Sugar acts like an acid that dissolves the teeth enamel. Chinese food rich in honey and sugar like honey chicken, honey walnut shrimp and pumpkin balls are some of the recipes that need to be ignored.

Starchy foods:

Try to cut back on foods that contain a lot of starch, as starch causes tooth decay. Too much soup, noodles or white rice is not good for your teeth.

There is no need to completely avoid sugar and starch while eating Chinese food – just remember to enjoy them in moderation while loading up on vegetables and other healthy options. Have a healthy and happy Chinese New Year! 

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