Dental Pain: Canker Sores, Tongue Bites, Blisters, Cuts

by Jason 9/19/2013 8:00 AM

Any kind of dental pain can be debilitating. Dental pain can affect your mood, your ability to eat and your ability to talk, among other things.

Though dental pain from canker sores, tongue bites, blisters and cuts can affect anyone, children suffer more often. And we all know that making sure our children are feeling great is a top priority. The good news is that some of these issues can be resolved with home treatment. However, it is always best to consult a dentist if pain continues or is severe . Here are some tips for treatment at home.

Canker sores: These sores are common and develop as small ulcerations on the tongue or inside the mouth. A flat bump that develops as a red spot and has a white or yellow center is usually a canker sore. They are harmless and do not spread, but they can be painful.

There is no specific cure for canker sores, and they usually come and go on their own. It is a good idea to avoid spicy food and hot beverages when one has these sores to reduce the burning sensation. If the pain is on the higher side, you may want to take a pain killer. One home remedy you may try is applying a mix of hydrogen peroxide and water in equal amounts followed by a dab of milk of magnesia, three times a day. Over-the-counter medicines are also available for these sores that numb the pain and prevent further irritation. If the sores persist for more than two weeks, consult a dentist.

Tongue bites: This is very common, especially in children and teenagers. Tongue bites are sometimes accompanied by bleeding and can be painful. The cuts need to be cleaned with a cloth, and a cold compress may be applied if the bleeding continues. If the bleeding doesn't stop, proceed to the hospital emergency room. The tongue will be sore for a day or two. Application of topical creams will help to relieve the pain and keep the area free from infection.

Dental blisters: Oral blisters are akin to canker sores and are common. Although they are  harmless, these blisters can be painful, especially when they appear on the tongue. Application of topical cream should work in most cases. Even dabbing the area with honey helps to reduce the pain and prevent inflammation.

Dental pain is common and home treatments can help improve the cause.  However, if the pain persists, and the problem worsens, then one should consult a dentist.

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