Smoking: First impressions, Lasting Consequences

by Jason 11/15/2012 8:00 AM

There are plenty of reasons a person starts smoking, right? Peer pressure, media or just to see what is was like. But no matter why you started – there are a million reasons to QUIT!

There are countless side effects of smoking.

Did you know that the smoke smell from your morning cigarette could linger on your clothes for days if you don’t wash your blazer? Who wants to be in a close quarters meeting with someone who smells like cigarettes?

Smoking causes the yellowing of not only your fingernails, but also your teeth. Many people make judgments of appearance the first time they meet someone new.

More serious consequences of smoking include an increased risk for almost all other diseases including heart disease and oral cancer. With the stress factors involved in owning a business, smoking contributes to high blood pressure as equally as stress or unhealthy eating does.

So today, we take part of the Great American Smokeout and ask you to quit. It is truly the smartest move you could make for your health!

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