Brush those Baby Pearly Whites

by Jason 11/13/2012 8:00 AM

Dental disease is a big problem! Cavities can make it difficult for a child to eat, grow and attend school.

So, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to teach your children about good oral health habits.  Children should learn to brush with a light touch. Brushing too hard can push the gums up and pose problems in preventing tooth decay.

The key is to make it fun. Here are some ideas to try: 

  • Develop a fun ritual around brushing. Sing a song about brushing teeth or ‘brush’ the teeth of your child’s stuffed animals.
  • Place a stepstool near the sink counter that allows your child to see the basin.
  • Have fun choosing a cool toothbrush. Let your child pick from the great selection of colors, characters and gizmos available today.
  • Grab your own toothbrush and brush with energy. Show your children just how fun it is to brush – they’ll want in on the fun.
  • Create a calendar that children can use to document how often they brush their teeth, a certificate of achievement from the Tooth Fairy, fun stickers and coloring sheets.

By playing a positive, active role, you can encourage your children to learn good habits for a lifetime of oral health.

For a fun oral health activity, try this great Activity Sheet from the American Dental Association.

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RMDP United States
4/11/2013 1:55:20 PM #

I wonder if you will consider the use of electronic toothbrush in your list of ideas.


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