A Tooth-Healthy Tailgate

by Jason 10/25/2012 10:46 AM

Tailgating can be one of the best parts of football. Great food, great drinks and great company make preparing for the game festive – no matter how the actual game turns out. But with fast and easy-to-hold food being a priority, the food can turn unhealthy and bad for teeth quickly. So here are some ideas for a tooth-healthy tailgate.

The best food choices for the health of your mouth include cheeses, chicken or other meats, nuts and milk. These foods will protect tooth enamel by providing calcium and phosphorus.

Other good food choices include firm/crunchy fruits (for example, apples and pears) and vegetables. These foods have a high water content, which dilutes the effects of the sugars they contain, and stimulate the flow of saliva (which helps protect against decay by washing away food particles and buffering acid).

Some ideas on how to make these foods tailgate-worthy:


  • Create a cheese and meat platter. Everyone loves crackers topped with cheese!
  • Create a nut-rich granola and put in a big bowl so that people can grab a handful.
  • Try a healthier dip with whole grain chips – use low-fat cream cheese, a packet of low-fat ranch, one can of corn (drained), 2 jalapenos (seeded and chopped) and ½ red pepper (chopped).

 Main meal:

  • Instead of beef, grill chicken and serve it on skewers or whole wheat buns.


  • Try a fruit salad with a low-fat dip made out of vanilla pudding and whipped cream. Cut up your favorite berries, pears, melons and pineapple. 

I hope that gives you some great ideas on what to pack for your next tailgate. For more tips on tooth healthy tips, visit http://oralhealth.deltadental.com/Search/22,16214.

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