Questions to ask your dental benefits broker

by MikeMeehan 12/5/2018 9:39 AM

Your benefits broker is responsible for understanding your unique operational concerns and using that information to recommend the best coverage options for your business. While they’re trained to gather and convey the right information, it can be helpful to know beforehand what questions to ask your broker. Consider the questions below. Evaluating a dental benefits provider 1. Does the dental benefits provider have a good reputation? 2. What is the provider’s network like? How large is it and what percentage of dentists nationwide does it cover? 3. What customer service options does the provider maintain for groups and employees? 4. Is the dental benefits provider financially stable? 5. With what degree of accuracy does this company process claims? 6. What data does the provider use to inform its coverage options? 7. Does the provider offer options such as voluntary plans and employer-paid plans?  Evaluating a plan 1. How does this plan help us reach our company’s objectives? 2. Which plan options can help our business attract and retain talent? 3. What is the cost of the plan to the company? Understanding a plan 1. What type of plan is it – fee-for-service, preferred-provider, HMO, discount plan or other? 2. What network does the plan use? 3. Can the plan be customized?  4. What benefits are included? a. How are routine cleanings and checkups covered? b. What services other than routine cleanings and checkups are covered? c. What exclusions or limitations exist? d. Does the plan offer enhanced benefits for individuals with certain conditions such as heart disease or diabetes? 5. What happens if our employees experience an oral health emergency while traveling? 6. Are there waiting periods for certain services? Efficiency 1.What is the onboarding and education process like for employees? 2.How will the provider help us streamline the enrollment process? 3.What educational resources does the provider offer? 4.What self-service tools and administration services does this provider have? Other 1.Do you need any further information from me to provide the best coverage options for my business?

How a large dental network helps your business

by MikeMeehan 11/9/2018 9:31 AM

With a larger network size, your employees have a greater selection of dentists to choose from. The result for your business and employees is lower costs and better convenience.  Lower costA large network results in better utilization of in-network dentists by your employees, which helps keep costs down. Visiting a network dentist helps ensure lower claims costs, offering immediate financial benefits for self-insured groups and leading to more stable overall costs in the long run for fully insured groups. Employees also enjoy lower out-of-pocket expenses and maximize their benefits when they seek care from in-network dentists. Doing so protects them from balance billing, which is when a dentist’s fee for a specific service exceeds the plan’s allowed amount and the dentist bills the difference.  Better convenienceIn addition to cost savings, a larger network provides a more convenient experience. If employees already have a dentist they prefer, a bigger network makes it more likely that their dentist participates. Employees no longer need to spend time comparison shopping because they can easily find in-network dentists who have agreed to set fees for common dental procedures. That can increase employee satisfaction in the plan and the benefits offering.  Plus, employees can save time by visiting network dentists. Participating dentists submit claims directly to Delta Dental, so your employees don’t have to handle time-consuming forms, whereas out-of-network dentists may not provide this service. When employees use a network dentist, Delta Dental pays the dentist so the employee isn’t required to pay and then wait for reimbursement.  Contact your benefits consultant or local Delta Dental representative to learn more about our dental network.

How dental plan providers save small businesses time

by MikeMeehan 10/16/2018 8:55 AM

When it comes to dental benefits, out-of-pocket costs are only one piece of the puzzle. Selecting, implementing and managing plans for your small business can mean significant loss of time – unless your dental plan provider has the training and resources needed to maximize efficiency. Learn what to look for when making your selection to ensure the most time-savings for your business. Do they have the right expertise? Dental plan providers rely on their experience to help you achieve your business objectives. If your provider doesn’t have experience with small businesses, it may be difficult for them to efficiently understand the needs of your company and to recommend the best options upfront. Delta Dental covers more than 146,000 businesses across the nation, giving us a wealth of knowledge to inform our plan recommendations.  How efficiently do they process claims? Quick and accurate claims processing helps ensure you and your employees spend less time worrying about administration needs. Delta Dental processes more than 123 million dental claims annually with over 99 percent accuracy.  Do they offer high quality customer service? Look for a local service team that offers the timely attention you and your employees need. Delta Dental often provides local dedicated teams who become personally acquainted with individual businesses’ needs and can easily be reached. Plus, employees have access to a 1-800 number, website and free mobile app to assist with all their coverage questions. Do they make the process simple? Digital capabilities should enhance customer service and improve operating efficiency for enrollment, billing, claim payments and more. Delta Dental’s website provides automated tools for benefits enrollment and administration needs. We also offer resources to educate employees about their dental benefits and answer any questions that arise.  In today’s marketplace, there are numerous dental benefits companies to choose from. By knowing what to look for, you can find the best one for your small business that will save you time and money.  


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