Feeling Grateful

by MikeMeehan 12/27/2017 12:46 PM

As we often do at the end of the year, I am reflecting on 2017. I feel lucky to work at a company that gives back to the community. This year, I had the opportunity to volunteer at an event we sponsor called Give Kids A Smile. Delta Dental of Missouri’s social mission is to improve oral health in the communities we serve. Give Kids A Smile, one of our outreach events, is a free dental care clinic for children. It was my second time volunteering at this event, and I spent some time just taking it all in. I observed and listened, and the people and happenings around me made an impact. I take my healthy, pain-free smile for granted. The acts of kindness I witnessed were overwhelming. The coworkers I volunteered with that day showed such compassion and dedication to the event. It was inspiring. I am grateful I got to play a small part in this enormous community outreach event. Another example of why I am grateful to work for this company happened just this week. We raised money and collected gifts for a family through the Adopt-a-Family program. My coworkers gathered all the gifts in one of our meeting rooms. I went in there and my eyes grew wide, then I teared up a bit. Seeing all those presents, I felt that wonderful feeling I used to have as a kid. I stood there and studied each gift, imagining how fun it will be when the children open them on Christmas. Seeing that room filled with all those toys and clothes and gifts just made me feel so happy… and grateful. To learn more about Give Kids A Smile and our other outreach events, educational programs, dental health initiatives, and our grant program, please visit our website. 

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