Jose, Jack, Johnnie and … Cavity?

by Jason 4/10/2014 8:00 AM

For heavy drinkers, the probability of damage from drinking is much higher and the fourth horseman you might be inviting to those happy hours could be a cavity.... more...

Alcohol and Oral Health

by Jason 1/9/2014 8:00 AM

We've all had that kind of week. The kind of week where first thing Monday morning you spill a cup of coffee on your crisp, clean white dress shirt. You change, get to the office late and learn that your computer is broken. The week continues in that pattern until 5 p.m. on Friday, and the first words out of your mouth are, “What a week. I need a drink.”... more...

Holiday Libations Can Take a Toll on Your Teeth

by Jason 12/26/2013 8:00 AM

It is not uncommon for family dinners and holiday parties to begin (and end) with a toast of champagne or wine. However, it’s important to be responsible and limit yourself to safe levels... more...


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