Plug Into High-Tech Toothbrushes for a Healthy Smile!

by Jason 9/18/2014 8:30 AM

Today’s power toothbrushes pack advanced technologies with multiple features that can help keep your teeth healthy and your smile bright. Plus they can make your brushing experience more effective and downright enjoyable. Three of the most beneficial components in many power toothbrushes include:  1.    Timers: Built-in timers take the guesswork out of brushing for you. Many of us don’t brush for the recommended two minutes. Thirty seconds should be dedicated to each quadrant of your mouth, and many power toothbrushes now have alerts to signal you to move to the next area so you can do a thorough job every time you brush.   2.    Pressure Indicators: While you want to brush your teeth hard enough to clean off plaque, you don’t want to brush too hard. Too much pressure could cause bleeding or gum erosion. These indicators alert you as soon as you’ve reached the right amount of pressure.  3.    Brushing Mode: Power toothbrushes now have several modes that work to your advantage. Some include a soft setting (for sensitive teeth) and a massage setting (for your gums). Make sure to check the modes and choose the one that suits your unique needs. Purchasing a power toothbrush and putting it to work for you twice a day is a wise investment to help maintain your oral health for life.  

Recycling: Uses for Toothbrushes

by Jason 6/27/2013 8:00 AM

You should replace your toothbrush every 3-4 months. That means you’re getting rid of 3-4 toothbrushes every year. Go green with your routine - your dental care routine that is. There are plenty of ways you can recycle (or reuse) your old toothbrush. If your community offers #5 plastic recycling, there are toothbrushes you can purchase that are OK to throw in your recycle bin.... more...

5 Ways to Reward Your Child for Good Oral Hygiene

by Jason 2/5/2013 8:00 AM

Remember those potty training days when you bribed your toddler to get the job done... more...


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