7 Smile-Friendly Easter Treats for Your Kids

by MikeMeehan 4/11/2017 2:53 PM

Easter holiday memories might be linked to candy, but these alternative Easter goodies could start new traditions. Here are some smile-friendly Easter gifts to fill the kids’ baskets with this year: Art supplies - Playing with chalk on the driveway is a vivid Easter memory for me. Sidewalk chalk usually comes in pastel colors so it matches the shades of Easter. Crayons, playdough, paint and brushes also create an activity for the kids while the adults are entertaining guests. Trail mix to take on their Easter egg hunt, of course! As kids, when our search was not just in the house, but out in the yard, it was extra special. And with the abundance of food and other treats during this holiday, outdoor activity is a good counterbalance. Try these ingredients for a homemade Easter snack: sunflower or pumpkin seeds, a low-sugar cereal, dried fruit, and bunny-shaped crackers. Carrots - Pick out the ones with the greens still attached for an authentic look. And how fun to share the Easter Bunny’s favorite food! Yogurt covered raisins or cranberries - These Easter goodies still have sugar, but they are a good alternative to consider. Seeds for gardening – To celebrate Easter and spring, start a vegetable or flower garden. Temperatures not there, yet? Start an indoor seedling greenhouse to sit on the window sill. Another activity that can last beyond the holiday! Books with Easter or bunnies as the subject, sure, but we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to suggest books with a dentist or oral health theme. There are classics like The Berenstain Bears Visit The Dentist and plenty of others from favorite authors like Dr. Seuss and Mercer Mayer. Other educational gifts like puzzles are great ideas because they will still be around after all the treats have been eaten. A New Toothbrush – Even with these alternative ideas, we recognize candy will be consumed on this holiday. So now is a good time to remind and reinforce good oral health habits with your kids. And to go along with that fun new toothbrush, how about some floss, too? Delta Dental has more tips to keep your child’s mouth healthy during sweet-filled holidays and throughout the year. Maybe after this holiday, your children’s Easter memories will include reading a new book with grandpa, playing hopscotch with the cousins, and starting a garden with neighborhood friends. Happy Easter from Delta Dental!

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