Healthy Smile Hack: Summer Dentist Appointments

by Jason 6/16/2015 7:04 AM

Well, here’s another life hack: schedule a dentist appointment this summer. Summer break is the prime time to send every family member to the dentist. Why? ... more...

3 Secrets to Summer Schedules

by Jason 6/9/2015 7:00 AM

School is out for summer! From family road trips to sports and sleepovers, now is the time to enjoy a much-needed vacation.

Remember – summer is a break, not a free-for-all. So, it’s important to keep some routines and systems in place. Help your family enjoy summer without sacrificing their smiles:... more...

Make Flossing Fun for Kids

by Jason 5/19/2015 7:00 AM

Once a child has two teeth that touch, it’s important to begin flossing. This is where your creativity as a parent can help make daily dental care routines downright fun for your child. ... more...


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