Be Cool and Confident in Front of the Crowd

by Jason 1/16/2014 8:00 AM

When it comes to public speaking, the butterflies in your stomach may start to flutter on overdrive. You may develop wobbly knees or clammy hands. The fear of a bored audience can invade your mind as you drag your feet to the lectern.... more...

Choosing Tooth-Friendly Thanksgiving Foods

by Jason 11/14/2013 8:00 AM

Thanksgiving is a time to feast with family and friends. Luckily, turkey is a great food for oral health because it is rich in protein. Protein has phosphorus in it – and when the phosphorus mixes with calcium and vitamin D, it creates strong bones and teeth. So even though eating a Thanksgiving feast can make you sleepy, you can rest assured that turkey is a healthy option for a great smile.... more...

Give Thanks for Great Teeth!

by Jason 11/7/2013 8:00 AM

The holidays are almost upon us. Take a moment to plan your Thanksgiving menu now, and vow to make it a healthier celebration this year. Both your waistline and your teeth will thank you!

Remember that sugary and starchy foods add to the sticky plaque in your mouth that causes cavities. You can help keep your teeth healthy by improving your diet. Here are some ideas for a healthier Thanksgiving menu: ... more...


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